Insider’s Map: Volume 1 & 2

What are the best things to do in Mexico City? Which are Mexico City’s tourist destinations? Many international travelers, Mexicans and any curious “chilango” ask themselves this question at a certain point, for the “Valley of Mexico” has such a cultural, gastronomic and entertainment offer, that one would need more than a lifetime to experience it in a whole.


Volume 1

The first Insider’s Map volume was a total experience because, even though the SMFT’s team gathered virtually, we had, for the first time, a moment specifically designed to share our favorite spots in the city. To inaugurate the activity, Nohemí (Nohe) and Raquel (Rachel) presented their places. Fun fact is even though both are vegan, they’re authentic saboristas, because their love for food has made them discover interesting vegan places where all dishes are more than enough to satisfy a foodie’s palate, despite their food habits. Check out the spots shared by our SMFT’s saboristas:


  1. Los Loosers

Located in the Roma Norte neighborhood, this vegan restaurant promotes ethic food habits on each one of the dishes it serves. It started in 2011 with only hamburgers on the menu, using mushrooms as meat substitutes, but without trying to imitate the products of animal origin’s flavors. In exchange, this plant-based food binds Mexican ingredients with international dishes, making both maize and Asian dishes main characters on the menu.


  1. Artículo 123

In the Historic Center, on a street with the same name, this place hosts a restaurant, an art gallery, and a store, looking forward on sharing the best out of chilango art, food, and design. The building used to be a magazine factory, which gives the place a unique ambience. The menu is not entirely vegan but stands out for the use of Mexican ingredients on oriental servings.


  1. Forever

This place with a so-called “plant-based contemporary cuisine” is an amazing discovery for any foodie, because even though all dishes are vegan, they combine ingredients, flavors, and textures in a unique way, portraying Mexican and international dishes in a never-before-seen way.


  1. Joe Gelato

In the Juárez neighborhood you’ll find this tiny place that hosts a very interesting ice cream shop with an extravagant selection of gelatos and sorbets prepared the Italian way, but with such experimental flavor combinations that only a Mexican could pull off. Although flavors are seasonal and change weekly, two permanent flavors catch the eye: the cocoa gelato and the olive oil gelato.


  1. Kolobok

It is known by many as the famous Russian restaurant in the Santa María la Ribera area; what not everyone knows is that it started as a Russian empanadas street cart outside a university and now has five locations in the city. Kolobok is surely the best place to discover flavors from the other side of the world. Don’t miss the honey cake or the bread fermented drink.

Volume 2

After a whole month to discover the delicious spots presented by Nohe and Rachel, we got together virtually once again to learn about more interesting places with unique stories. Keep on reading and discover the places our saboristas Laura (Lau) and Grazielle (Graze) shared with the team.


  1. El Cloister of Sor Juana

The building that housed the ex-convent of Saint Jerome and is actually occupied by the Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana is worth a visit (or two), because its imposing architecture and interesting history are just a few of the things behind it being one of UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage sites. If you visit it, don’t miss the permanent musical instruments exhibit or any of its impressive six courtyards.


  1. Mushu

Mushu’s bubble waffles are a must for both adventurous crêpe fans and those who crave sweets. You don’t have to go all the way to Hong Kong to taste their signature street waffles, because inside this spot, alongside the possibility of creating your own combinations, there are sweet and savory options for everybody.


  1. Parque Natural Fuentes Brotantes

This natural paradise is like a mini version of Chapultepec, with a similar proposal, but less crowded. It Is located in the south part of the city, on the way to Cuernavaca, and is perfect for sports lovers, families, and nature enthusiasts that look for a place to escape the agitated city life.


  1. Rinconcito Oaxaqueño

Tlayudas, molotes, moles, and memelas are some of the traditional dishes from Oaxaca that you’ll find in this small place, located on a small nook in Coyoacán. Here, everything is handmade, and you can order a café de olla, fresh flavored water, mezcal or even champurrado to drink alongside your meal. Apart from enjoying the authentic flavors of Oaxaca on each dish, in the Rinconcito Oaxaqueño you can buy products from the same origin, so you get to experiment at home.

We hope that the places and spots shared during the first two volumes of Sabores México Food Tour’s Insider’s Map give you a brief idea of the great cultural and gastronomic offer in our city. Don’t forget to follow us on our social media, Sabores México Food Tours (@saboresmexicoft) so you learn more about our city, what we do, and you can share our love for our city through its food.