Discover Mexico’s Artisanal Chocolate Scene

Mexico’s relationship with chocolate stretches back to pre-Spanish ancient times. Today, this legacy thrives not only in stories of the past but also in the hands of passionate artisans who are using age-old traditions of cacao to create wonderful, innovative creations that have reestablished Mexico as a true homeland of chocolate. 

Journey with us as we dive into Mexico’s artisanal chocolate landscape, where tradition marries innovation and the soul of Mesoamerica is honored with every bite.

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(Source: CACEP Chocolates)

CACEP Chocolates

Venturing into the chocolate scene in 1987 under the vision of Vicente Cacep, CACEP Chocolates was born with an invigorating mission: To rekindle the culture of cacao and chocolate within Mexico. This endeavor was more than just about creating chocolates; it was about rejuvenating national pride. 

Now, this pride in chocolate is emblematic of Mexico once again! The company’s community-driven approach is evident in its collaboration with over 80 families directly, and its ripple effects benefit 300 families indirectly. This exponential growth has paved the way for the genesis of more than 30 micro-enterprises spanning various sectors, from cacao producers to electrical mechanics. 

Their ethos? To uplift every community, partner, and collaborator. At The core of their philosophy is a commitment to the Earth, manifested in their organic practices and the crafting of chocolates free from trans fats and artificial flavorings.

(Source: Ki’Xocolatl)


Xiocolat stands as a testament to Mexico’s amazing natural resources. Renowned for their tantalizing chocolate-coated berries and nuts, their offerings extend to exquisite liqueurs and rich chocolates meant for melting. Xiocolat takes pride in its uncompromising stance on quality, ensuring that its creations are devoid of preservatives and are crafted using only the finest natural ingredients. 

Though these delicacies remain primarily within Mexican borders, the allure of Xiocolat’s chocolates has chocolate aficionados globally curious for a taste. If you’re traveling in Mexico and have a passion for chocolate, seek out Xiocolat’s products. 


Embracing the essence of true Mexican chocolate, Ki’Xocolatl offers an authentic Bean-to-Bar experience. By working hand-in-hand with farmers who emphasize sustainability and fair compensation, Ki’Xocolatl ensures that every bar encapsulates the rich history and intricate techniques intrinsic to Mexican cacao crafting. The result? An unadulterated taste of criollo cacao chocolate. 

With strategically placed outlets in prominent locations like Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, and the mesmerizing Mérida in the Yucatán Peninsula, Ki’Xocolatl invites you to indulge in an authentic Mexican chocolate journey.

Le Caméléon

Rooted in three generations of meticulous Belgian expertise, Le Caméléon crafts not just chocolate but a cultural bridge between Belgium and Mexico. Their gourmet offerings range from sumptuous bonbons and bars to unique creations like chocolate shot glasses and Day of the Dead-inspired skulls. 

The standout Mexicanismos collection intrigues palates with flavors that encapsulate Mexico’s culinary heart, from the fragrant hibiscus and smoky chipotle to the daring inclusion of Oaxacan grasshoppers.

(Source: Feliu Chocolate)

Feliu Chocolate

Dedicated to the soulful exploration of Mexican cacao, Feliu Chocolate presents a sensory exploration of the nuances of each cacao bean. Their meticulous process, right from the farm, emphasizes the uniqueness of each cacao variety – accounting for cultivation methods and seasonal variations. 

Operating from their modest factory in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Feliu sources its cacao primarily from Chiapas and Tabasco, forging direct connections with the producers to ensure authenticity and quality.

Vanuato Kakaw

Situated in the serene climes of San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, Kakaw’s artisanal style permeates its every creation. They meticulously ferment, dry, and toast their cacao, procured directly from producers in the warmer regions of Tabasco and Guatemala. 

Kakaw champions a fairer economic model by eliminating the middleman, offering their producers deservedly higher compensation.

Que Bo!

Led by the prodigious JoseRa Castillo, Que Bo! is not just any chocolate brand. With international accolades from Le Guide de Croqueurs de Chocolat, the International Chocolate Awards, and UNESCO, Que Bo! shines brightly on the world stage. 

Their tantalizing creations, from the elegant lipstick-shaped bonbons to flavors reminiscent of Mexico’s rich culinary tapestry like pan de muerto and café de olla, captivate the soul – must-try Mexica chocolate for foodies traveling in Mexico!

(Source: La Broma de Teo)

La Broma de Teo

La Broma de Teo, which charmingly nods to cacao’s scientific nomenclature, Theobroma cacao L., began humbly as a backyard chocolatier. Their growth, shaped by sustainable practices and agroecological collaborations, led them to establish a flavor lab, a store, and even a chocolate-tasting bar in Guadalajara, Jalisco. La Broma de Teo’s creations, crafted from organic beans and enlivened with flavors from almond to mezcal, echo their commitment to authenticity and innovative experimentation.

La Rifa

Located in La Juárez with an outpost at Central Cacao in Colonia Roma, La Rifa stands out as a chocolate bar and a restaurant. Helmed by the passionate young chef, Daniel Reza Barrientos, the establishment takes pride in its iconic chocolate drinks. Sourcing cocoa beans from Cumuapa, Cunduacán in Tabasco, La Rifa has cultivated a strong bond with the family that oversees its production. Whether savored hot or cold, their chocolate encapsulates the authentic essence of Mexico.

(Source: Tout Chocolate)

Tout Chocolate

Since its inception in Plaza Loreto, Mexico City, in 2006, Tout Chocolat has been on a journey toward perfection in the art of chocolatiering. With a clear vision to craft with creativity, independence, and passion, Tout Chocolate aspires to be globally acknowledged as a leading chocolatier. 

Their assortment boasts a spectrum of cacao delights, from timeless favorites like dark chocolate and macaroons to innovative creations such as mezcal-infused chocolate and their exquisite diamond cookies. All their products are testimony to their commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability.

New Art Xocolalt

Tucked away in Plaza Cuicuilco, New Art Xocolalt may be petite in space but is abundant in its chocolate offerings. With every nook filled with an array of chocolate varieties, the store is a testament to the rich diversity of Mexican cacao. 

Sourcing beans from Chiapas and Tabasco, organic authenticity is evident in each product. Their range spans various chocolate types, from dark and milk to sugarless, all presented with unparalleled elegance.

(Source: Motivos Prehispánicos)

Motivos Prehispánicos

A true embodiment of Mexican heritage, Motivos Prehispánicos seamlessly blends the nation’s pre-Hispanic history with the art of chocolate-making. Dedicated to crafting representative figures of Mexican archaeology entirely out of chocolate, their creations serve as sweet reminders of Mexico’s rich past. 

Upholding the highest standards, they ensure their chocolate remains 100% Mexican and natural, free from artificial additives. Beyond being delightful treats, their chocolates are artistic renditions, aiming to share Mexico’s pre-Hispanic legacy through carefully sculpted figures that honor the country’s bygone eras.

Explore Mexican Chocolate with Sabores

Mexico’s artisanal chocolate scene is an enchanting blend of history, innovation, and tradition. Each chocolatier offers their own narrative, emphasizing the country’s rich cacao heritage and the passion of its producers. 

From honoring pre-Hispanic legacies to experimenting with contemporary flavors, Mexico’s chocolatiers ensure that every bite tells a story. 

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