Insider’s Map: A Non-Touristic Guide to Mexico City

There are innumerable cool things to do in Mexico City, whether you like culture, gastronomy, history, and/or entertainment.

Even those who have lived in the city their entire lives have a long Mexico City bucket list of places and activities we have yet to accomplish. In our blog entry “One day in Mexico City” you’ll find some activities and spots you can’t miss while visiting the most popular areas in the city.

However, there are many places, restaurants, and hidden treasures in the streets of Mexico City waiting to be discovered by curious travelers and foodies like yourself.

To have the best cultural trip in Mexico City, consider the length of your stay and your travel preferences, so you can properly organize your time and take advantage of this city’s versatility whilst taking part in engaging, fun, and original activities focussed on what you like the most.

Mexico City tourist map

Mexico City has many tourist attractions, including the National Anthropology Museum, the Angel of Independence, Chapultepec, the Frida Kahlo Museum, and the Metropolitan Cathedral. However, each one of the city’s main districts has its worth-visiting spots.

In the Historic Downtown, for instance, the Fine Arts Palace, the Templo Mayor, the Alameda Central, the Zócalo or main square, the Latin American Tower, Chinatown, La Ciudadela Market, the National Art Museum, and the Santo Domingo square are some of the most remarkable places.

Inside La Roma, la Condesa, and La Juárez neighborhoods, it is classic to walk through Álvaro Obregón avenue, the Río de Janeiro square, the Cibeles fountain, and both Parque España and Parque México.

Conversely, in the Coyoacán and San Ángel quarters, it is almost mandatory to walk through Higuera street, enjoy a street churro and/or an ice cream in the Plaza Hidalgo, visit the market, the museums, the “La Paz” Avenue, the Bazaar del Sábado, and the San Jacinto square.

(Those wanting to see the city through the eyes of a local may want to consider joining us for our Coyoacán Food Tour.)

All these attractions and neighborhoods await with a varied gastronomic offer, as well as parks and streets surrounded by leafy trees, bars, nightclubs, a variety of boutique stores, restaurants, museums, markets, and libraries.

However, there are countless other places and not-as-famous spots that chilangos (locals born and living in Mexico City) discover daily. Would you like to learn about them?

Insider’s Map: underrated, non-touristy destinations in Mexico City

If one thing is clear for us at Sabores México Food Tours, there are more than nine million ways of experiencing Mexico City. Each one of its citizens and visitors enjoys its cultural, gastronomic, and entertainment offers in a truly unique way.

Therefore, as of the end of 2020, we took the assignment of creating a local guide with interesting places in Mexico City. In this guide, you’ll find restaurants, museums, parks, bars, bakeries, and other hidden and not-so-well-known spots.

Once a month, SMFT’s team will have a meeting to share their favorite places in the city. On each volume, two members will share some of their favorite restaurants, museums, and places in Mexico City.

This way, step by step, our local Insider’s Map will ?? with varied opinions you can consider giving your visit an authentic chilango feeling.

Don’t forget that having advice from different chilango foodies is a travel game changer and one of the best ways of getting to know Mexico City deeply. With our advice, you’ll be able to live like a local, not just visiting the classic destinations, but going off into unique places that will make you want to come back for more Mexico City adventures.

Discover our Insider’s Map and relive what was shared by SMFT’s team inside each volume through our blog and social media, Sabores México Food Tours.

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